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Wes Paul

Back Ships I have Sailed in... Antenor


Blue Funnel

The 'Antenor' was built in 1957 by Vickers Armstrong, Walker Naval Yard at Newcastle with a tonnage of 7965grt, a length of  491ft 6in, a beam of 62ft 5in and a service speed of 15 knots. Launched on 4th October 1956 she was similar to the Demodocus but the first of a class of three ships designated Mark A6.

She was completed for the Ocean Steam Ship Co. in July 1957.

In November 1970 she was transferred to Glen Line and renamed Glenlochy but reverted to Blue Funnel in 1972 when she was renamed Dymas.

She was sold to Nan Yang Shipping Co. of Macao in April 1973 and renamed Kaiyun. Three years later, in 1976 she was sold to Highseas Nav. Corp S.A. of Panama without a change of name and in 1983 was broken up at Huangpu in China. (Photo: John Clarkson Collection)

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