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Wes Paul

Back Ships I have Sailed in... Lycaon

The second Lycaon was built in 1954 by Vickers Armstrong Ltd at Newcastle with a tonnage of 7859grt, a length of 487ft, a beam of 62ft 4in and a service speed of 15.5 knots. She was completed for the China Mutual Steam Navigation Co. where she remained until 1960 when she was transferred to N. S. M. 'Oceaan' without a change of name.

In January 1975 she returned to British ownership when she was transferred to Elder Dempster Line.

She was renamed Glaucus in December 1977 when 'Lycaon' was released for a new building. In March 1977 she was sold to Marlborough Maritime Inc. of Monrovia (Gulf Group) who renamed her United Vanguard with Singapore as her port of registry.

On 12th May 1979, during a voyage from Sharjah to Bassein, she suffered an engine failure and a ruptured sea water cooling pipe. The crew abandoned ship and on 14th May the United Vanguard sank with the loss of one life. Thirty one crew members were saved. (Photo: World Ship Photo Library)

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