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  Lord Woodbine (Woody)

When Wes Paul was resident at Jokers' Club in Edge Lane, in the 60s, his close friends were Frank Hogan and Lord Woodbine (Woody), who along with many of the local group members would come along to Jokers'  to relax after their own gigs had finished, often doing a stint with the band. Regulars were Freddy Starr, Billy J. Kramer, Rory Storm, and Derry Wilkie (Joker was Derry's uncle) . Woody never gets very much credit for the part he played in promoting the Beatles during the early part of their career. Woody was one of the first promoters to book 'The Silver Beetles' and actually drove them to Germany on the above tour. After finishing for the night at Joker's our crowd would make their way down to the David Lewis for breakfast. Woody would relate to me his experiences in Germany - he told me of the times he would upset the authorities by singing political calypsos. 

The above photo shows Woody sitting down between Alan  Williams and Beryl Adams and to the right Stu Sutcliffe. Paul is centre with George and Pete to the right.

Sadly I attended the funeral of Woody and his wife who died tragically in a house fire - the attendance at his funeral displayed how liked and well respected he was.  Woody's real name was Harold Phillips - he was 72 at the time of this sad occasion.

As far as I know Woody was still in contact with Allan up to this time.



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