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David Stanley Talks About His Brother, Elvis

By: Madeleine Wilson - June 27, 2003
Source: Designer Magazine

Wes Paul with Elvis' Presley's Brother David Stanley

Copyright Wes Paul 2003

Q: You moved into Gracelands when you were four. Were you aware of the enormity of it all?
A: What was it like growing up with your family? Exactly, growing up with Elvis was all that I knew. When I moved to Gracelands I didn't know what a rock & roll star or hound dogs, rock songs or movies. All I knew was that there was this man who my mum married his dad and now he's my stepbrother. When you're four years old you don't really have a solid mindset so that is all I knew. People ask me what it was like growing up with Elvis? I can tell you what it's been like since Elvis has gone. It's been different because I thought everybody's brother was a rock star, I thought everybody had a Gracelands. To me it was just normal.







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