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In 1982  Wester Paul Gerrard graduated with his first degree  'Bachelor of Arts' at Preston Guild Hall - he is seen here with his mother Bertha (Fyffe) and his gorgeous wife Lynda (Lewis).

This degree, profile, included The History of Mathematics, Modelling by Mathematics, Electronics, Physical, Synthetic & Organic Chemistry, Computing & Computers and General Science and Technology.

In 1994,  Wester Paul Gerrard graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree at Preston Guild Hall -

This degree, profile, included Database, Systems Analysis, Programming Languages and Synthetic Chemistry.

Later achievements included a Postgraduate Certificate in Project Management and Graduate Accreditation in Family and Community History.

Research paper written on Poverty Demographics in 19th Century Liverpool. 

2005: Advanced European Computer Driving Licence (AECDL)

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